My Advice to Future Rappers

Time will fade us all. It will remove the old to pave way for the new. I know for a fact that there will be a time when no one would remember me. I hope at least someone would remember me through my songs. But it’s a hope waiting in vain. Before the time runs out, here is my advice to future rappers.


Stay True to Yourself

When I coach young rappers, they would say, “I will never fall on the traps of fame”. I smiled, for I know that they had no idea what they are talking about. Once you reached the top, it changes you. I swear that you’ll go into thinking that these moments will last forever. You’ll receive prestigious access to dinner cruise Amsterdamand all other perks that come with the fame. The truth is money will amplify who you are. If you are a good person, the money will give you the capability to go beyond cheap hotels in amsterdam for groups and offer help to the needy. If you have hidden monsters within you, the money will surely bring them out in no time. Most of the time, you’ll forget where you came from. All those wants, they will elevate. My advice is to stay true to yourself. It’s easy to say than done.


Save for Your Future

This is the part where I sucked real bad. Almost all of my earnings went to my mother’s medications and hospital bills. I somehow have forgotten to save up for my future. Rapping is like a money-making machine, but it doesn’t last forever. Once you start seeing your money pile up, you’ll be tempted to upgrade your lifestyle. You’ll forget how to shop online using discountsand those voucher codes. You will think that you are already made. That is far from the truth my friend. Don’t be like me. Save for your future.


When You Made It to the Top, Don’t Forget the People Who Put You There

Fame has this power that makes us forget who we were. We get into this thinking that we are “special”. We tend to forget those people who stood by us when we were just a struggling artist. Fame brings all types of people in your life. They promise to be there with you during 18 years and take out health insurance and the tough times. But when you pop, everyone will scatter like roaches. Only true friends will remain. Always remember that. It was something I learned too late. I learned this lesson the hard way. After all those big performances during an Amsterdam holiday, you’ll be longing for true friends who see you for who you are.