Is there a future in rapping industry?

I get this question a lot. But there is no correct answer. Your future depends on how much willing are you to hustle, especially when things get tough. There is a future for rappers who are passionate about their music.

How do you deal with bad reviews?

At first, I get offended when I read bad reviews about my song until I got tired of the hatred. When your self-confidence is based on other opinions, oh boy, you’ll be inAmsterdam zooevery day. I deal with it by becoming a professional ignorer.

What equipment do you use for mixing songs?

I go to studios when I was just starting my career as a rapper. And I still go to studios in mixing and recording my songs. I suggest that if you don’t have funds to invest in those pricey pieces of equipment, opt for studios instead.

What your songs are about?

My songs are based on what I feel at the time of writing it. Some of my songs are about taking control of your life while the others are about my childhood.

Do you collab with new artists?

I love the collaboration with different artists. I think collabs make rap music a thousand better. I might be a loner when it comes to my personal life but when it comes to music, I like to be surrounded by creative people.

How did you know that rapping is for you?

There is no exact defining moment. Since I was a boy, I like listening to new music. I adored those old raps. I started with memorizing the lyrics then I just found myself writing my own.