About Us

The Rapping Culture

Have you ever been in a situation where seem there was no escape? Everywhere you look, there’s hopelessness lingering at every corner. For me, rapping culture is about finding hope. It’s more than mere rhyming words. It is a means of escape, a safe haven. Rapping has been my way to express those emotions I’ve been longing to say. It’s more than just a large audience cheering in Amsterdam canal tour. It’s a culture where we encourage self expression through music. Though this industry is being blamed for bad music and all the bad rap they name it, for me, it’s our generation’s new flavour of music. You may like rap or hate it, but you cannot stop it from reaching new audiences and changing people’s life.

Best Original Music

Thank you to all my fans who supported my music. For those who stumbled upon this website for the first time, I hope that you will take the time to listen to some of my originals. This sum up my career as a rapper.

  • De Predator
  • ChillenBuy
  • de Nederlandse droom
  • Zonder Hummer Ben Je Niets (remix)
  • Chillen (feat. Illenburg)
  • Zonder Hummer Ben Je Niets – Instrumental
  • Zonder hummer
  • Berry Rijkers – De Predator

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Songs

I rested for quite some time to settle some loose strings in my life. I almost forgot what it feels like to perform on stage. But I’m blessed with loyal fans who are eagerly waiting for my new songs. Stay tuned because there will be more.