A Peculiar, Ecstatic Life of a Rapper

Rapping is not the usual career or profession our parents want us to be in. Why is it? It’s because there’s no assurance to it. You’ll never know when you will get to the billboard hits. You’ll never know if there’s really a promising future waiting for you after all those late nights and efforts. No one knows if it’s going to be an Amsterdam Heineken experienceor you’ll go back home broke. But for us rappers, we don’t do it because there is a promise included to it. We are rebels. We like breaking society’s dogma. And for that reason, we have the guts to pursue the unknown road. We push ourselves to be better in what we do.

It’s Going to Be a Roller Coaster Ride

Let me tell you that taking this path is not easy. You might see rappers enjoying big paychecks, but before they reach to that point, they hustled. They had those moments when they have nothing in their wallet to cover their rent. There were those moments when they almost gave up. Let me tell you that money is not going to flow just like you imagined it to be. You’ll never know which song you wrote is going to hit the groupon promo code for hotels and top billboard songs. All you can do is keep writing them. Bring new flavour to the songs you write. Be a better storyteller every day and learn to be hopeful when it seems there’s no way. You’ll be relying on special discounts just to get decent clothing for your next performance. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride. There will be ups and downs. But my advice to you, don’t quit. If rapping is an itch that you can’t just eradicate, never give up on your dreams. If you know in your heart that you are meant to do this, swallow the big pill and face the music.

The Other Side of The Story

You’ll see Berry as a rapper who has relentless energy on every performance. But little did you know, Berry’s life was in a bad shape. Making money in this industry is hard. Add to it his mother who spent most of her life under a psychiatric institution. Most of the money he earned from rapping was spent to support his mother. He barely knew his father. As a boy, his father was under the influence of alcohol. He had a tough life moving from one foster family to another. He might be broken from the inside, but that brokenness led him to rap.

He met a friend who helped and coached him to be a rapper. Despite the brokenness around him, he tried to search for light from many places like hotels in amsterdam by airport and within him. He tried hard but the constant blows of life somehow created a void in his heart. So despite the fame and wealth that came with his big break, he felt empty. When he is rapping on stage, he forgets all the pity and the darkness of his childhood. Rapping is his safe zone. He might be strayed away sometimes. But through the help of his close friends and his fans, he has reasons to stand up with his both feet.